The UCL Coude Echelle Spectrographs

AAO User Manual 25.3

R. A. Stathakis, S. D. Ryder, S. G. Ryan & A. C. Fish,

October 2000

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Recent updates:
26/11/03 Added image display orientations for UCLES CCDs to Ch 3.1
 3/4/03 EEV data added to Ch 1.4, Ch 2.1
3/4/03 Description of UCLES setup routine moved from Appendices to Ch 3.1

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1. Description of the Spectrographs

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Hardware specifications for UCLES
1.3 Hardware specifications for UHRF
1.4 Detector options

2. Planning an Observing Proposal

2.1 System efficiencies of UCLES
2.2 Selecting wavelengths for UCLES (echwind)
2.3 System efficiencies of UHRF
2.4 Selecting wavelengths for UHRF (not yet available)

3. Practical Guide to Observing

3.1 Observing with UCLES
3.2 Observing with UHRF
3.3 Controlling the detector


A. Instrumental Parameters
A1 Data for UCLES with the 31.6 lines/mm grating
A2 Data for UCLES with the 79 lines/mm grating
A3 Data for UHRF
A4 List of Configuration Files for UHRF

B. Data Reduction

B1 Quick look reduction of UCLES data
B2 Full reduction of UCLES data
B3 Th Ar Arc Atlas (UCLES + MITLL)
B4 Quick look reduction of UHRF data (not yet available)
B5 Representative UHRF Arc Frames (not yet available)

C. Expert Information

Setting up the Instrument.

C1 General setup
C2 Aligning the Detector for UCLES
C3 The UCLES SETUP Routine - see Ch 3.1
C4 Aligning the Detector for UHRF
C5 Telescope setup for UHRF (N.A.)
Vax and SYNTEL Software
C6 Complete List of Commands
C7 Listing of Control Files
C8 Operating with the SYNTEL in MANUAL mode
C10 Error Recovery
Calibrations for UHRF
C11 Technical calibrations for UHRF
C12 Finding a new UHRF wavelength

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