Galaxies in the thick of it grow up fast (AAO, 2012 October 23)
Billions of years until galaxy collides (The Australian, 2012 October)
Fresh Science - National Finalist (2012 October)
AstroPixie Conquers Cyberspace as Advocate for Science (University of Cincinnati, 2010 August 9)

Articles, Talks and Lectures:
Chasing Shadows (COSMOS Magazine, 2012 November)
Astropixie and Galaxy-gazer (WISE, 2009 July 30)
CAASTRO in the Classroom (2012 August - December)

Videos, Songs and Fun:
Science, It's Universal (video created at dotAstronomy, 2012 July)
Pluto, the Previous Planet (musical video created at dotAstronomy, 2011)
Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star: The Modern Version

filmed at Science in the Pub for the Australian Astronomical Observatory.
Total Solar Eclipse 2009

filmed for sixty symbols