Dr. Ángel R. López-Sánchez

Postdoc at Australian Astronomical Observatory / Macquarie University

Astronomy & Astrophysics
using multiwavelength data

Rainbow over the Anglo-Australian Telescope in Siding Spring Observatory, NSW, Australia © Á.R.L-S.

Multiwavelength Astronomy

Analysing the Universe in all its colors

In order to understand the Universe, it is fundamental to resort to all spectral wavelengths, from X-ray to radio. Here I will explain the main characteristics of each regime.

M 51 in all wavelengths

M 51 in all wavelengths. © A.R.L-S.

M 81 in all wavelengths

M 81 in all wavelengths. © A.R.L-S.

The Antennae in all wavelengths

The Antennae in all wavelengths. © A.R.L-S.

Centaurus A in all wavelengths and a multiwavelegth composition

Centaurus A in all wavelengths and a multiwavelength composition. © A.R.L-S.

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