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Popular astronomy articles

Most issues of Sky & Space magazine between 1998 and 2002 featured Fred's Reflections... column.

Fred's Space column has been a regular feature of Australian Geographic magazine since 2003.

Articles in the annual Yearbook of Astronomy (edited by Sir Patrick Moore and published in the UK by Macmillan):

"Probing the Galaxy with RR Lyrae Stars" (1984)
"Astronomy's multi-fibre revolution" (1995)
"The Universal Astronomer: David Allen, 1946–1994" (1996)
"Taxi Ride: The Observatories on La Palma" (1997)
"The Astronomer's Microscope" (1999)
"Optical Astronomy, the Early Universe and the Telescope Super-League" (2000)
"The Dawn of Binocular Astronomy" (2001)
"The Enduring Legacy of Bernhard Schmidt" (2002)
"Astronomers Behaving Badly" (2003)
"Absolutely Nebulous" (2004)
"RAVEing Mad! (2005)
"More Astronomers Behaving Badly" (2006)
"A Centenary of Some Gravity" (2007)

Some other popular articles:

"A glass for all time".  New Scientist, Vol.143, No.1934, p.45, 1994.
"Surplus to requirements...", New Scientist, Vol.152, No.2061/2, p.77, 1996.
"De jacht op informatie—van Galilei tot 2dF" (The hunt for information—from Galileo to 2dF), Zenit, 24 108–113, 1997 (in Dutch).
"Happy Birthday Patrick...". Astronomy and Space, March 1998, 22–29.
(with Roger Bell) "25 Years at the AAT". Astronomy Now, 13(10), pp.22–25, 1999.
"How Zeiss Binoculars made their London Debut". Zeiss Historica, 21(2), pp.4–11, 1999.
"Aperture Envy". Newton, No.2, p.128, 2000.
"2001: A Deep-Space Odyssey". In Astronomy 2001, 5–8, Quasar Publishing, Sydney, 2000.
"Industrial-Strength Cosmology". Educare News, No.125, 52–54, 2002.
"Space Man—Australian Astronaut Andy Thomas". Australian Geographic, No.68, pp.96–103, 2002.
“Who invented the Cassegrain Telescope?” Astronomy Now, 18(12), pp.85–88, 2004.
“Inspirations… Portrait of a black hole”, Sky and Space, 18(1), p.70, 2005.
“Focus: The five ages of the telescope”. Astronomy Now, 19(9), 57–67, 2005.
"Trick of the light", Cosmos, No.5, pp.34–35, 2005.
"Distant worlds", Cosmos, No.8, pp.74-81, 2006.

A few technical papers

F.G. Watson, Q.A. Parker, G. Bogatu, T.J. Farrell, B.E. Hingley & S. Miziarski, ``Progress with 6dF: a multi-object spectroscopy system for all-sky surveys''. In Optical and IR Telescope Instrumentation and Detectors (ed. M. Iye & A.F. Moorwood), S.P.I.E. Vol. 4008, 123–128, 2000.

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Fred Watson, ``Night Vision—Why astronomers need dark skies''. In IESANZ Lighting Convention proceedings, 2002.

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