Praise for Stargazer...

"Fun to read... Will reward readers interested in people who have helped advance our understanding of the Universe."

Vera Rubin in Science

"An exhaustive work, 400 years of facts and anecdote that enlighten the story of this important scientific instrument."
New Scientist

"A well-written, up-to-date history of the invention of the telescope and its impact on astronomy... a fascinating story. A welcome addition to the literature... can be recommended to any reader with an interest in the history of science and instrumental technology."
Robert van Gent in Nature

"Watson's book is a giant that casts a shadow all its own... a compelling story, filled with colorful characters and intriguing plot twists."
Sky & Telescope

"I wasn't sure the world needed another history of the telescope until I read Fred Watson's Stargazer. With good-natured prose, [he] leads the reader smoothly from Hans Lipperhey's primitive 1608 invention to today's incredibly sophisticated telescopes, enlivening the history with tidbits of unlikley lore."
San Fransisco Chronicle

"To the great pleasure of those who pick up his new book, this very practical scientist still understands what it means to be starry-eyed."
Dallas Morning News

"The story of telescope makers and their instruments, told with gleeful professionalism by the astronomer in charge of the Anglo-Australian Observatory... A fine piece of science writing, from an author as intelligibly capable as Brian Greene or Richard Dawkins."
Kirkus Reviews
(A star  is assigned to books of unusual merit, determined by the editors of Kirkus Reviews.)

"Watson, the astronomer in charge of Australia's largest optical telescope and a science writer, provides a fine overview of the 400-year history of this invention... Gathering all of this material in one place and presenting it in such an engaging style is a considerable accomplishment."
Publishers Weekly

"[Watson is] a gifted science communicator... Treating readers to an insider's view of the competitive and passionate culture of the astronomers who devote their lives to gathering data about the universe, Watson describes in readable engaging prose the technical obstacles to improving our knowledge of the universe... As accessible as Isaac Asimov's Eyes on the Universe and broader in scope than W. Patrick McCray's more recent Giant Telescopes, this book will appeal to many... Recommended."
Library Journal

"Watson's narrative of inevitable overreaching and brilliant success is often funny, occasionally poignant, and definitely accessible - a fine reflection of this Australian astronomer's popularizing skills."
Gilbert Taylor in Booklist

"A first rate book and a 'must buy' for anyone interested in the development of the telescope."
Astronomy & Geophysics

"Read it, and you'll understand what science is all about."
The Telegraph, Calcutta

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