Atmospheric features ... a cautionary tale

The TTF signal-noise performance calculator takes all of these on board. Check to make sure that your band is not sitting on top of a bright night sky line, or in a low transmission window. Remember that if your band is narrow, the atmospheric transmission could be very low.  Cave meteoricus!

  OH Night-Sky Lines; click here for a compressed postscript version and go here for the original data and comments.

  Observed (low res / high res) and theoretical atmospheric absorption bands; click here for compressed postscript and here for a textfile table (data from Stevenson 1994, MNRAS).

  Full and zoomed atmospheric absorption bands; click here for a text table listing values at all wavelengths (data kindly supplied by C. Tinney, AAO).

    Solar spectrum :  may be useful if observing near twilight or with gibbous moon ascendant. This paper gives details on the solar line catalogue.