Coma A (3C277.3) is a nearby radio galaxy (z = 0.0857) and forms part of the "TTF imaging survey of radio galaxies" by Tadhunter & Villar-Martin. This work is being carried out at the AAT and the WHT. The images below were taken at the WHT on Jan 25, 1998 with the RTTF and Tek5 CCD. The seeing was about 0.6" (measured independently), pixel sampling 0.5". The order sorting filter was the I1/R1 filter, and the TTF was tuned to 712.4nm with a bandpass of 2.2nm for the 30 min exposure. The left picture is the raw H-alpha image after continuum subtraction (right image). Diffuse emission is seen over 200 kpc down to surface brightness levels of 1e-18 erg/cm**2/s/arcsec**2.