A quick-and-dirty guide to the SMS control system.

Please read this short document even if you think you are an expert. See possible problems at the end.

To begin, log into the Vax observer account from an X terminal or Sun console.  Type

$XON node
If and only if running the FOP module using the polarimetry software
If you wish to change the version in use
$VERSION version_name
where node is the X Terminal or sun name. Type
where n is 1 or 2.

The SMS screen will come up on the logging terminal and the CCD system will appear a bit later. On an SMS menu, sub menu's are suffixed by a colon (:), parameter entry fields by a dash (-) and commands have no suffix.

Hit "Return" to enter a sub menu or a parameter entry field perfrom an action

Use PF1 to exit a menu or parameter entry and perform the any associated action

Use PF2 to exit a menu or parameter entry without doing the action.

Parameter fields are either editable (using normal edit keys - Ctrl-U deletes the entire entry) or enumerated (use left/right arrow keys to select). Use up/down arrow keys to move to the field.

You can get help on most menu items by hitting "?". A second "??" will often get more detailed help.

When the Taurus startup menu appears, you must first enter the Startup parameter field. Normally, the entries where will be correct and you should just hit return. The Taurus status display will now appear in its own window.

When Taurus has initialised, the other menus will be enabled and Startup disabled. If you exit the top level menu, then the SMS system will shutdown (although Taurus and the CCD will be left running). You can restart SMS by typing RUNTAURUS. You will need to go though the Startup item again.

Taurus menus

setup - Used for setting up taurus. In addition to the standard close_shutter entry, it has two sub menus.
control - Used for controlling Taurus. Note that access_etalon moves the specified etalon position to the access position    and moves the pupil filter such that the access hole is in the access position. Watch out that you do not leave the pupil here when you return the etalon to the observing port. Note, if the access doors are open then you cannot move the wheels or open the shutter. The status of the door is displayed on the Taurus status screen. To override the interlocks, use the "interlocks" entry.
configure - Used to save and restore definitions - such as filter position/name relationships. To name a filter, use def_wheel_pos, selecting the wheel and position number. After this is done, the filter will be displayed using thename (you can still enter the number when selecting filters). Use save_wheel_defs to save the current definitions. Default file name is TAU_FILTERS.TFD. The file can be edited with a text editor if desired.
run - run control options
shutter - open or close the shutter

close_shutter - quick close of the shutter

operate_ccd - If enabled, provides a menu to run the CCD system. Note, arguments will be prompted for.
panic_recover - Use if the panic button has been hit. The status screen will display an appropriate message if the button has been hit.

refresh - refresh the status display screen. Use CTRL-R for the SMS screen.

maintenance - password protected menu for software maintenance operations.

finished - Prompts for shutting down Taurus.

Possible Problems

Ccd system does not come up - You have not done "XON".

Taurus Status display does not come up (assuming CCD system has) -

1. You have not correctly used the "startup" menu - try again.
2. The Taurus micro is not connected or the lat server port is hung.

Remedy: ensure connections are made in the cass cage and have someone (e.g. Bob Dean) forcefully log out the terminal sever port  associated with TAURUS_SIF.

A single Command error on startup - ignore this.

Taurus Iris motor timeouts - sorry, the iris motor is stuffed. It will work some of the time. We generally try to leave it open (15).

Takes a long time to move the Focal plane filter - This is ok, it takes a while to ensure Focal Plane tilt is nulled.