Search for Planets Around Detached Eclipsing Systems

SPADES contact: Simon O'Toole

Phone: +61 (0)2 9372 4856
Email: otoole at
Website: SPADES via VSS
Mail address: PO Box 296
Epping NSW 1710

About the SPADES project

The Search for Planets Around Detached Eclipsing Systems or SPADES is a collaboration between amateur and professional astronomers that uses small telescopes to look for planets orbiting detached eclipsing binary systems (i.e. there is no mass transfer between the two stars). The main goal of the project is to monitor systems containing two Main Sequence stars similar to our Sun, and to do this for at least five years.

A detailed description of the SPADES project can now be found at the official website, hosted by Variable Stars South. Here you can find observing requirements and the target list, and get involved in our discussion forum. We encourage everyone to get involved!

SPADES people

The SPADES project is lead by Simon O'Toole (Australian Astronomical Observatory) and Tom Richards (Variable Stars South), and aims to involve both amateur astronomers and undergraduate students from around the world.

SPADES Library

LTTE Third Body Candidates
Eclipsing Binary Parameters
Planet Imaging


A presentation given by Simon O'Toole at NACAA on April 3, 2010 can be found here (PPT 2007 format). This is what got the ball rolling!

A presentation which briefly discussed SPADES was given by Simon at the Astronomical Society of Australia meeting held in Hobart, July 4-9, 2010. It can be found here (PPT XML format).

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