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AAT Schedule Semester 2005A

Please note that the postscript files are formatted for A4 paper. 

Dear AAT User,

Dear AAT User, This letter accompanies the release of Version 1.0 (the first issued version) of the AAT observing schedule for Semester 05A. The schedule can also be found on the WWW at http://www.aao.gov.au/aat_schedule.html This schedule can now be considered official, and you can make travel arrangements based on it. Observers will be consulted about any change which may affect them.

Support Astronomer Guidelines : We also draw your attention to the Guidelines for AAO Support Astronomers released on the AAO WWW pages at www.aao.gov.au/astro/supguide.html These set out the services that AAO staff aim to provide visiting astronomers, and against which we can be graded in your Observer's Report Form at the end of your run (www.aao.gov.au/cgi-bin/make_obs_form).

Finally, all observers must read through the Guidelines for AAT Observers - they contain important information on how to get the most from your AAT observing time. In particular, please be sure to fill in the WWW travel form at http://www.aao.gov.au/admin/travel.html. Note that it is the responsibility of the principal contact named on your proposal to inform collaborators of their allocation and these guidelines.

Good Observing

Scott Croom
AAT Scheduler