Project Status - New Alt-Az mounting


The mounting was re-built late last year. It is not going in the dome as there is now a 50cm (20-inch) f/4·5 Newtonian in there. Instead it was re-made as a more portable instrument. I don't really have anything portable, so this is to be it. A reasonably normal Dobsonian system, except that I kept some parts from the original in order to make it easier.

The optics are naturally the same, as are the cells. A plywood (12mm) box to house the primary and a plywood top end cage for the secondary and focuser. The truss poles are 25mm square aluminium attached as a single unit, joined by 25mm right-angle aluminium. The pictures on my telescopes page explain it better than I can describe.

As the primary is f/6·5 and I hate adding weights to make the rocker box as low as possible, so the system is a little long. However, I like the altitude axis being high as it means that the eyepiece is higher up when you look low in the sky.

Page last updated 2006/01/12
Steven Lee