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SKY & SPACE Magazine is an Australian magazine about astronomy and space. It is pitched more towards beginners than very experienced observers, but there is ususally something in it to satisfy everybody. While it will have the usual stories that every other magazine does (did any general astronomy magazine NOT have the HST M16 image on their front cover?!) it also has articles of Australian astronomy not covered by the American or European magazines. Australia is one of the leading astronomy nations with one of the highest ratios of astronomers per capita; being the home of the Anglo-Australian Observatory (has anybody NOT seen a David Malin image ?), the Parkes 64-m radio telescope, the CSIRO Australia Telescope (ATNF), and Mt. Stromlo (and the MACHO survey).

I write an occasional column in the magazine called Technical Tips. It is inclined towards telescope making, accessories, gadgets etc. Here is a list of the articles I have had published so far.
Number Title Issue
1 The Hartmann focusing mask Nov/Dec 1992
2 Verniers for setting circles May/Jun 1993
3 Mylar for a telescope window August 1993
4 A fully-adjustable observing seat February 1994
5 Building a better Newtonian I -
Choice of focal ratio
April 1994
6 Building a better Newtonian II -
Secondary mirror diffraction
June 1994
7 Building a better Newtonian III -
Primary mirror cells
October 1994
8 Building a better Newtonian IV -
October 1995
9 Building a better Newtonian V -
Secondary holders and tubes
December 1995
10 Finder telescopes August 1996
11 Luna-cam June/July 1997
12 Colour filters for a refractor Aug/Sept 1997
13 Choosing eyepieces Feb/Mar 1998
14 More on eyepieces Jun/Jul 1998

Other articles in the same magazine

Title Issue
Build your own Newtonian - Part I Sky & Space;
August 1996
Build your own Newtonian - Part II Sky & Space;
October 1996
Build your own Newtonian - Part III Sky & Space;
December 1996
A focus encoder Southern Astronomy;
#2, Autumn 1997
Build a ball-scope Southern Astronomy;
#3, 1997
A better binocular mount Southern Astronomy;
#6, 2000

To find out more about the magazine, send e-mail to the editor at

Australian Sky & Telescope

Started with the January 2005 issue as a syndicated offshoot of the American magazine.

Title Issue
The changing face of astronomy
November 2005

Other articles in other magazines

Title Issue
Build a robot filter wheel Observatory Techniques;
#21, Spring 1997
An easy way to achieve accurate focus Amateur Telescope Making Journal;


I've also contributed a couple of chapters to a book called (rather confusingly) "Amateur Telescope Making". It is edited by Stephen Tonkin and published by Springer. It is full of designs of home-built equipment by "leading" amateurs. Read about it (and other Springer astronomy books) here. So popular that it's already been re-printed. Recommended!

I contributed some of the images (both film and CCD) to this fine book by David Ratledge. I also helped solve the riddle of the "missing" object - C100.

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