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At-work This one is rather obviously under construction. More will be added when time permits.

I'm employed at the Observatory as a Night Assistant, but I get to do a lot of other things. One of the things I do is play with the telescope control system. As a computer programmer who was rejected by the observatory when I applied for a programing position, I find it ironic that I eventually ended up here as a night assistant and get to "play" programmer. It's fun.

Me at the AAT control desk(90Kb). Me at the AAT control desk, taken more than 30 years ago. The control desk has changed quite a lot in the intervening years.

Me making lens(35Kb) Me (on right) displaying the collimator/camera lens I was making for the "HBS" - a very high resolution spectrograph the AAO built solely for SN1987A - to a group of Japanese visitors (one of whom took the picture). On the left is Peter Gillingham, the engineer who designed and organised the HBS. He also did some of the grinding and polishing of the lens.

Night Assisting

AAT Control System

Nightly Phenomena

Astronomers need to know when it gets dark, when the moon rises and where it is, and when the sun rises (in order to be on the catwalk in time to see the "green flash").

Current Weather

What are the current meteorological conditions at the AAT? Click to find out.


What are the average meteorological conditions at the AAT? Click to find out. (Very limited data at present. More to come when I've time.)

AAT Database

One major project I've been involved with recently is creating a database of all the observations ever carried out at the AAT. A rather daunting task, but the project is well under way now, with more than 900,000 observations already entered into the database.

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