Observations of  SN 1998bw

19/5/98  MSSSO 2.3m spectrum (Heath Jones and Mike Bessell)

21/5/98  UKST+FLAIR  spectrum (Malcolm Hartley and Quentin Parker) (unfluxed)

23/5/98  AAT+2dF  spectrum (Ray Stathakis and Ian Lewis) (very rough extraction - unfluxed)]

31/5/98  AAT+RGO  spectrum (Ray Stathakis and Dionne James)

16/6/98  UKST+FLAIR  spectrum  (Malcolm Hartley and Quentin Parker) (unfluxed)

26/6/98  MSSSO 2.3m+DBS  spectrum (Lisa Germany and Brian Schmidt)

A list of observations is given here. These data will be added to this page as soon as they become available.
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Ray Stathakis (ras@aaoepp.aao.gov.au)
4 August 1998