2dfdr Release 6.46

The change from v6.28 to v6.46 incorporates a number of new features and improvments

  • A new extension in the reduced object frame that provides a map of the spectral resolution
  • A new naming convention for the transfer functions (sensitivity curves).
  • The flxibility to apply the tranfser funciton at the end 
  • Double Pass Cosmic Ray rejection
  • The command "aaorun help" will additionally present a pathname to the front page of the 2dfdr Html guide which can be viewed by any web browser tool
  • Option to specify a TLM shift value
  • Option to automatically detect TLM creep shift estimates
  • Option to fit polynomial with exponential decay in the level of bias at the ends of the overscan region
  • Full KOALA support over the main gratings and arc lamp combinations.
  • Processing simulated TAIPAN data