Presentations to mark the end of observing for the 2dF Galaxy and Quasar Redshift Surveys

The annual ATNF/AAO joint symposium was held on 17 April in the ATNF's headquarters in Marsfield, Sydney. As 2dF observations had finished the week before, on 11 April, AAO Director Brian Boyle used the occasion to present plaques commemorating the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey and the 2dF QSO survey to two people centrally involved: Matthew Colless (RSAA) and Scott Croom (AAO).

Brian Boyle with the plaque for the Galaxy Redshift Survey.

Both plaques are stainless steel, and were photo-etched by Acme Plate Making Services, Melbourne. The overlays for the etching were produced by Prism.

Matthew Colless receives his plaque

Matthew with the Galaxy Redshift Survey plaque.

The plaque shows the 'bow-tie' image produced by the survey - the distribution of 230 000 galaxies mapped 3 billion light-years out into space - and a composite galaxy spectrum. Etching around the edge represents the magnetic 'buttons' on the ends of the 2dF instrument's optical fibres.

Brian and Scott Croom with the plaque for the QSO survey

Scott and the QSO survey plaque. The plaque shows the positions of the 22 000 QSOs mapped out to 15 billion light-years from Earth, and a composite QSO spectrum.

Brian cuts the cake with the 2dF GRS image printed on it in chocolate. Notice the cosmic string being removed from the data.

And a good time was had by all.