SAMI Instrument Logo

SAMI is the Sydney-AAO Multiple-Integral-field unit for the AAOmega spectrograph. SAMI provides 13 IFUs, each with a field of view of 15 arcseconds sampled with 61 1.6-arcsecond fibres. These IFUs can be deployed by plug plate anywhere within a 1-degree field of view using the AAT's Prime Focus Camera top end. These are fed by fibre, along with 26 pluggable sky fibres, to the AAOmega spectrograph, providing configurable wavelength range and resolution across the optical spectrum.


SAMI is currently a visitor instrument on the AAT, and not generally available. However, the observatory is working to make SAMI available as a facility class instrument available to all AAT users for the 2015B semester.


In anticipation of SAMI being made available to all AAT users, the following resources are or will be soon made available.

Exposure Time Calculator
Estimate exposure times or signal-to-noise for SAMI observations.