Australian Time Allocation Committee

Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC) is the committee formed to allocate time on the AAT as well as Australian time on Gemini and Magellan telescopes. The current membership of this committee is: 

Member Institution From To
Dr Dougal Mackey
RSAA January 2012 December 2014
Dr Chris Blake Swinburne January 2013 December 2015
Dr Ivan Baldry Liverpool JM July 2012 June 2015
Dr Chiara Tonini Swinburne January 2013 December 2015
Prof Chris Tinney UNSW July 2013 June 2016
Prof Rachel Webster UMelbourne July 2014 June 2017
Dr Elizabeth Wylie de Boer RSAA

July 2014 June 2017


Dr Lee Spitler AAT Technical Secretary
Dr Stuart Ryder Gemini & Magellan Technical Secretary
Ms Helen Woods Secretary

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in North Ryde on Thursday and Friday 23 & 24 October 2014. On 23 October, ATAC will discuss AAT business and proposals and on 24 October Gemini & Magellan.

Documentation for the October meeting

ATAC Policies

The ATAC Guidelines are available to download via this link.

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