Large & Long-term Programs

Current Long Term programs

The following programs have Long Term status from ATAC. Those marked with * are Large Observing Programs (50n or more). Programs in italics are Target of Opportunity only.

Program ID Title PI Allocation
ATAC/13A/41 Target of Opportunity high resolution spectroscopy of the early outburst of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud novae Shore 6 hours in 2013A, 6 hours in 2013B, 6 hours in 2014A, 6 hours in 2014B
ATAC/13B/12* The OzDES survey: dissecting dark energy with novel combinations of deep imaging and spectroscopy Lidman 12 nights in 2013B, 16 nights in 2014B, 20 nights in 2015B, 24 nights in 2016B, 28 nights in 2017B
ATAC/13B/29* The SAMI Galaxy Survey Croom 13 nights in 2013B, 36 nights in 2014A, 13 nights in 2014B, 36 nights in 2015A, 13 nights in 2015B, 36 nights in 2016A
ATAC/14A/25* The GALAH Survey Martell 35 nights in 2014A, 35 nights in 2014B
ATAC/14B/08 2dFLenS: What are the laws of gravity on cosmic scales? Blake 18 nights in 2014B, 19 nights in 2015B, 13 nights in 2015A
ATAC/14B/10 Gamma-ray bursts as cosmological probes Starling 6 hours in 2014B, 6 hours in 2015A