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Recent science highlights can be found at the AAO What's New and Press Release pages, as well as in the AAO Observer and the AAO Annual Report.

Publications resulting from AAO facilities and publications by AAO staff are surveyed annually for the period 1 June- 30 July. Publications are categorised as AAT ('A' or arising from on AAT data),UKST ('S' or arising from UKST data)), or AAO ('O' or by AAO staff using other data).

These survey results are analysed each year in the AAO Annual Report- see Chapter 3 of the most recent edition for detailed examination of trends in the AAO's scientific output. Below we summarise the total number of publications, and the nationality of the first author of publications, by year.

AAO Publication History ChartAAO Publication History Chart
The following searchable PDF files summarise the surveys - first there is a single file with all compiled publications since July 1995, and then there are files for each annual reporting year.

For a list of publications involving AAO staff since the most recent survey above, try using the following searchon the NASA ADS Abstract Service (though note that some papers by authors with common names similar to those of AAO staff will also be returned).

With the rise to almost universal use of the astro-phpreprint server, AAO no longer distributes electronic or paper copies of preprints. Lists of preprints and publications by AAO staff dating from prior to 2002 can be found at the old AAO Preprints page.

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