Distinguished visitor scheme - 2010-2011

  • Professor Jeremy Mould (link is external), (University of Melbourne), visiting February-March 2011. Prof. Mould (link sends e-mail) (hosted by Matthew Colless) worked with AAO staff on mapping the dark matter distribution using the 6dFGS.
  • Professor John Peacock (link is external), (University of Edinburgh), visiting April 2011. Prof. Peacock (link sends e-mail) (hosted by Andrew Hopkins) worked with AAO staff on cosmological measurements from the GAMA (link is external) survey.
  • Dr Jason Spyromilio (link is external), (ESO), visiting January-July 2011. Dr Spyromilio (link sends e-mail) (hosted by Chris Lidman) worked with AAO staff on measurements of nearby and distant supernovae, as well as various instrumentation projects.
  • Associate Professor Andrew Connolly (link is external), (University of Washington), visiting 23 July - 31 August 2010. Prof. Connolly worked with AAO staff on new techniques for the classification of spectra using spectroscopic survey data, and the creation of a simulation framework for designing future photometric and spectroscopic surveys.
  • Professor Richard Ellis (link is external), (Caltech), visiting 6-25 September 2010. Prof. Ellis engaged with AAO staff in a program of identifying which multiwavelength photometric and spectroscopic observables most strongly constrain the shape of the stellar initial mass function for star clusters, galaxies, and galaxy populations.
  • Professor David Koo (link is external), (UCO Lick Observatory, and UC Santa Cruz), visiting 7 July - 14 August 2010. Prof. Koo, who is a leader of the AEGIS multiwavelength survey, worked with AAO staff in comparing measurements from the AEGIS survey with those from the GAMA survey on the AAT, to explore evolutionary trends in galaxies spanning more than half of the age of the Universe.
  • Assistant Professor Kim-Vy Tran (link is external), (Texas AM University), visiting 3 July - 3 August2010. Prof. Tran collaborated with AAO staff on a project to spatially map the kinematics and stellar populations of Brightest Cluster Galaxies in the nearby Universe.