FLAIR schedule for semester 2000A

F#    P.I.      Alloc.    Gratings      Scheduled dates  Notes

111   Marsden   3 x 1 +   1200B         1-4 Feb 2000      1

 48   Young     3 x 1 +    250B         3-8 Mar 2000

 90   Proust    7 x 0.5 +  250B         29 Mar - 7 Apr 2000

110   Sabbey    6 x 1      250B;270R    1 - 7 May 2000    1

104   Parker    3 x 0.5    600V;1200R   27-31 Jul 2000    2

The dates chosen indicate observing windows, within which the
allocation may be used.

Notes :  1. New original films on non-survey centres are required.

         2. The scheduled dates may be changed to June if the new
            CCD for FLAIR/6dF is ready for commissioning then.

NB: In all cases, survey photography will take priority in photometric
    conditions with excellent seeing, in accordance with the advice of
    the Schmidt Telescope Panel.

Since observers are required to fiber-up all fields following initial
training by UKST staff, they should be available on site for at least
one full day before the start of their run. Observers who are prepared
to stay on beyond the end of their scheduled run may benefit from the
opportunity to complete FLAIR observations prevented by weather conditions
during their scheduled slot, subject to approval by the

Observers may book accommodation at Siding Spring Lodge by sending an
e-mail message to : mdn@mso.anu.edu.au
        copied to : rlm@aaocbn.aao.gov.au
           and to : cpc@aaocbn.aao.gov.au

Observers are referred to the AAO's home page (www.aao.gov.au) for
additional information.