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Survey status - Red and InfraRed

Progess charts are available for the UKST red (second epoch and equatorial) and infrared surveys. (The blue survey(J) is complete for all 894 fields.) You can view the gif files but please note that they are fairly large and not the greatest resolution. For a cleaner picture download the compressed postscript versions.

Details of all (past and current) surveys undertaken by the UK Schmidt are given here.

Key to plots

A completely filled in field indicates that there is an A-grade. If the field is `hashed' then the A-grade was taken with a film original (rather than on glass).

A half filled (diagonal) field indicates the best available survey plate is a B-grade.

A cross indicates that the best available survey plate is a C-grade.

Nothing in the field indicates no plate taken or worse than a C-grade.

The date of the last plate in the current log is displayed.

NB - Survey plates are NOT the only plates taken with the UKST many others exist (taken at the request of astronmers) to search the entire catalogue go here.

Red survey status - gif format

Red survey status - compressed postscript format

InfraRed survey status - gif format

InfraRed survey status - compressed postscript format

H-alpha survey status - gif format

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