Welcome to the Australian Astronomical Observatory

Welcome to the Australian Astronomical Observatory

The Australian Astronomical Observatory is a division of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. We operate the Anglo-Australian and UK Schmidt telescopes on behalf of the astronomical community of Australia. To this end the Observatory is part of and is funded by the Australian Government. Its function is to provide world-class observing facilities for Australian optical astronomers.

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1st Data Central Workshop

AAO Data Central will be holding a series of workshops in the coming months. The first will be on Thursday 2 November 2017. Register now!

ESO Strategic Partnership Plan: Australian support

The Government's announcement of a Strategic Partnership with ESO has received broad support from the Australian astronomical research community.

Australia enters Strategic Partnership with ESO

The Australian Government has announced that it will spend $26.1 million for a 10-year Strategic Partnership with the European Southern Observatory (ESO).