Eduroam for guests and visitors

Eduroam is a global initiative, forming an agreement between educational and research institutions to share wireless network access enabling inter-institutional roaming. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to get internet access when visiting other organisations by using credentials from their own institution. Visitors from participating Eduroam institutions can access the wireless network at the Australian Astronomical Observatory, using their home institution account.

Visitors to the AAO

1. When at the AAO offices in Nth Ryde, or at the AAT in Coonabarabran, find "eduroam" in the list of available wireless networks on your device.

2. Your eduroam username is your Staff/Student ID followed by  "" (e.g.

3. Your eduroam password is your Staff/Student password
    (the same one you use at your own institution)


If you have issues using eduroam, please contact AAO IT support:

Nth Ryde: 0293724824, 0293724856

AAT: 0268426307, 0268426286

Conditions of use

The use of eduroam is governed by the Australian Eduroam Policy. Australian Astronomical Observatory staff and students as well as our visitors must comply with the AAO Acceptable Use Policy. Visitors must also comply with the applicable Acceptable Use Policy of their home institution.

AAO acceptable use policy 

Viewing PDFs

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