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August 2016 Observer cover
Archive editions of the AAO Observer are available from the AAO Observer archive. Prior to August 2010, the newsletter was simply called the "AAO Newsletter". Members of the community are encouraged to submit articles.
Science Highlights
  • HERMES sheds light on the lives of the oldest stars in the Universe
  • Finding Our Closest Potentially Habitable Exoplanet
  • Probing the low mass regime of globular clusters for multiple populations using the AAT
  • Characterization of the HERMES resolution with a photonic comb
  • The new CACTI camera on 2dF
Observatory News
  • New light on dark skies
  • New remote observing stations for the AAT
  • The Story of Light at Vivid Sydney 2016
  • ITSO Corner
  • The Australian Gemini Image Contests

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