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February 2015 AAO Observer cover
Archive editions of the AAO Observer are available from the AAO Observer archive. Prior to August 2010, the newsletter was simply called the "AAO Newsletter". Members of the community are encouraged to submit articles.
Science Highlights
  • Reflecting on 40 Years of AAT Operations
  • Distant ‘cannibal twin’ shows how galaxies grow
  • SAMI unveils a unified relation for all galaxies
  • Testing HERMES radial velocity precision
  • News from OzDES
  • Huntsman Eye Sees Deep
  • The FunnelWeb Survey: Building the HD Catalog of the 21st Century
  • Adaptive Optics Experiments on the AAT
Observatory News
  • The AAO Shaw Visitor Scheme
  • Hidden GeMS: observing with the Gemini multi-conjugate adaptive optics system
  • StarFest 2014
  • AusGO Corner
  • News from North Ryde
  • Letter from Coonabarabran

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