Symposium group photo

Attendees at the 2017 ITSO Science Symposium. Image credit: Ryan Ridden-Harper (RSAA).


Symposium Objectives

The AAO's International Telescopes Support Office (ITSO) and Astronomy Australia Limited are pleased to announce the 2017 ITSO Science Symposium. Following the previous ITSO Science symposia in 2012 and 2015, this meeting will feature the research being conducted with the international telescopes supported by ITSO. The Symposium will feature invited and contributed talks from leading Australian users of the Gemini, Magellan, Blanco, and Keck telescopes and is open to everyone, not just current users. Students and early-career researchers in particular are encouraged to attend, and travel subsidies will be available. There will also be opportunities to discuss instrumentation, time allocation, and data reduction for these facilities. There will be no registration fee, and lunch, a symposium dinner, morning and afternoon teas will be provided.

The deadline for registration is Monday 1 May 2017. To enquire about a late registration, or make changes to an existing registration, please e-mail


We encourage anyone posting highlights and pictures from the Symposium to include the #ITSOaao tag.

Organising Committee

      • Stuart Ryder (AAO)
      • Caroline Foster (AAO)
      • Elaina Hyde (AAO)
      • Joao Bento (ANU)
      • Devika Kamath (Macquarie/AAO)

The Symposium is made possible by financial support from