Australia-Japan workshop on collaborative science

  The AAO hosted a joint Australia-Japan workshop at the AAO offices in North Ryde on December 15th.

The workshop was an opportunity for astronomers in the two communities to discuss science, to form collaborative

links and to establish joint projects using instruments on the Subaru Telescope and facilities here in Australia.


  There were 14 invited talks, 7 from Australian astronomers and 7 from Japanese astronomers.


  We acknowledge the support of Astronomy Australia Ltd and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.


  If you would like further information about the workshop, then please contact Chris Lidman <>.


  Here is the talk the schedule. All times are AEDT. The talks will be made available on this page soon.


Talk Schedule
11:00 Nobuo Arimoto and Warrick Couch  Introductory Remarks  
11:08 Chris Lidman  House keeping
11:10 Ikura Iwata and Yosuke Minowa  Current and Future Instruments on the Subaru Telescope
11:20 Julia Bryant  Current and Future Instruments on the AAT
11:30 Jeff Cooke  Fast Transients with HSC
11:40 Masayuki Akiyama  Wide field spectroscopic followup of less-luminous quasars at z>3
11:50 Discussion, chaired by Tadayuki Kodama  With refreshments
12:10  Tadayuki Kodama  SWIMS-18 and GANBA-Subaru as precursor surveys of ULTIMATE-Subaru
12:20  Mat Owers  Galaxy Clusters
12:30   Chaired by Warrick Couch  Discussion
12:50  Kenji Bekki  Galaxy transformations at low and high redshifts 
13:00  Yusei Koyama  Unveiling the environmental effects on internal properties of galaxies 
13:10   Chaired by Chris Lidman  Discussion
13:30    Lunch
14:30  Yuichi Matsuda  Galaxy formation along the high-z cosmic web
14:40  Emma Ryan-Weber  z~6 galaxies and the IGM
14:50  Chaired by Yusei Koyama  Discussion
15:10  Ed Taylor Weak lensing
15:20  Kentaro Motohara Local Starburst Probed by Paschen-alpha Emission Line
15:30  Chaired by Julia Bryant Discussion, with afternoon tea 
15:50 Masao Hayashi  Emission line galaxies at z<1.7 selected with HSC-SSP NB data
16:00 Brent Groves  IFU/ULTIMATE 
16:10 Discussion (chair TBC)   
16:30 Mike Ireland and Francois Rigaut Extreme AO
16:40 Toshihiro Kawaguchi An AO-Assisted Optical IFU study on Galaxy-BH coevolution
16:50 Chris Lidman and Yusei Koyama Workshop Summary and Conclusions 
17:30   Meeting close