Looking Up, Looking Down

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Remote Sensing, Image Analysis, and Data Visualisation

September 17-18, 2014
Australian Astronomical Observatory
North Ryde, NSW, Australia

SAMI Galaxy Survey and Angkor Wat LiDAR Image

The AAO is leading a workshop to be held at the AAO on 17-18 September that will bring together presenters spanning a very broad cross-section of the Australian community, from astronomy to medical imaging, geosciences, archaeology, history, mining, forestry, marine science, and more!

We anticipate that all participants will consider and discuss how the various approaches to imaging, image-analysis, and data visualisation cross the boundaries between disciplines, and the extent to which techniques from one field might be revolutionary in the way they can be applied in others.

Lung Image (Credit: A. Fouras)


Organising Committee and Contacts

Kyler Kuehn (Chair) - kyler.kuehn@aao.gov.au

Caroline Foster

Andrew Hopkins

Nuria P.F. Lorente

Millicent Maier


A reef of Lord Howe Island, draped over a retrieved bathymetry (Credit: J. Anstee).

List of participants

James Allen (University of Sydney)

Janet Anstee (CSIRO)

Eric Ashcroft (American Assocation for the Advancement of Science)

Michael Ashley (University of New South Wales)

Mark Berman (CSIRO)

Michael Birchall (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

David Clarke (University of Western Sydney)

Victoria Coleman (National Measurement Institute)

Phil Connor (CSIRO)

Robert Content (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Scott Croom (University of Sydney)

Peter Edwell (Macquarie University)

Scott Findlay (Monash University)

Roland Fletcher (University of Sydney)

Andreas Fouras (Monash University)

Caroline Foster-Guanzon (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Ariell Friedman (University of Sydney)

Graham Galloway (University of Queensland)

Andy Green (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Jan Herrmann (National Measurement Institute)

John Hildebrandt (Amazon Web Services)

Andrew Hopkins (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Andrew Howard (Australian National University)

Samantha Jones (Macquarie University)

Vicki Keast (University of Newcastle)

Duncan Keenan-Jones (University of Sydney and Macquarie University)

Amy Kimball (CSIRO)

Iraklis Konstantopoulos (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Baerbel Koribalski (CSIRO)

Kyler Kuehn (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Ian Lau (CSIRO)

Ian Littler (National Measurement Institute)

Nuria P.F. Lorente (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Peter Mason (CSIRO)

Vanessa Moss (CAASTRO/University of Sydney)

Melissa Quigley (CSIRO)

Will Ryder (University of Sydney)

Ken Sheedy (Macquarie University)

Keith Shortridge (Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Geoff Sims (University of New South Wales)

Richard Weinberg (University of Southern California)

Lew Whitbourn (CSIRO)

Matthew Whiting (CSIRO)

The PLATO-R observatory and terahertz telescope at the remote Ridge A site, 950 km from the South Pole. Credit: Craig Kulesa, University of Arizona.

Workshop Program

Wednesday 17/9
9:20 AM: Welcome (Kyler Kuehn & Andrew Hopkins, Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Session I (Chair: Andrew Hopkins)
9:30 AM Presentation 1 - Optical and Infrared Astronomy (James Allen, University of Sydney) 10:15 AM: Presentation 2 - Digital Cinema Microscopy (Richard Weinberg, University of Southern California) * remote presentation
11:00 AM Coffee Break

Session II (Chair: Caroline Foster-Guanzon) 11:30 AM Presentation 3 - Seeing Angkor - the Role of Remote Sensing (Roland Fletcher, University of Sydney) 12:15 PM Presentation 4 - What are our images telling us? Lessons learnt from the lungs (Andreas Fouras, Monash University)

1:00 PM Lunch Break

Session III (Chair: Roland Fletcher)
2:00 PM Presentation 5 - Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging (Mark Berman, CSIRO)
2:45 PM Presentation 6 - Imaging and Spectroscopy in Electron Microscopy (Vicki Keast, University of Newcastle)

3:30 PM Coffee Break

Session IV (Chair: Kyler Kuehn)
4:00 PM Presentation 7 - Aquatic Remote Sensing Applications (Janet Anstee, CSIRO)
4:45 PM Discussion of Day 1 Presentations

Thursday 18/9

Session V (Chair: Kyler Kuehn)
9:30 AM Presentation 8 - Using Remote Sensing for Human Rights Documentation (Eric Ashcroft, American Assocation for the Advancement of Science) * remote presentation
10:15 AM: Presentation 9 - Physical Metrology (Ian Littler, National Measurement Institute)

11:00 AM Coffee Break

Session VI (Chair: Andy Green)
11:30 AM: Presentation 10 - Source Finding for Radio Astronomy (Matthew Whiting, CSIRO)
12:15 PM Presentation 11 - Nondestructive 3D Exploration of Archaeological Artifacts (Samantha Jones, Macquarie University)
1:00 PM Lunch Break

Session VII (Chair: Nuria P.F. Lorente)
2:00 PM Presentation 12 - Remote Sensing in Antarctica (Michael Ashley, UNSW)
2:45 PM Presentation 13 - Image Science and Amazon Web Services (John Hildebrandt, Amazon Web Services)

3:30 PM Coffee Break

Session VIII (Chair: Andrew Hopkins) 4:00 PM Presentation 14 - Biomedical Imaging: Research & Clinical Applications (Graham Galloway, University of Queensland) 4:45 PM Closing Discussion