The PLATO-R observatory and terahertz telescope at the remote Ridge A site, 950 km from the South Pole. Credit: Craig Kulesa, University of Arizona.

Workshop Program

Wednesday 17/9
9:20 AM: Welcome (Kyler Kuehn & Andrew Hopkins, Australian Astronomical Observatory)

Session I (Chair: Andrew Hopkins)
9:30 AM Presentation 1 - Optical and Infrared Astronomy (James Allen, University of Sydney) 10:15 AM: Presentation 2 - Digital Cinema Microscopy (Richard Weinberg, University of Southern California) * remote presentation
11:00 AM Coffee Break

Session II (Chair: Caroline Foster-Guanzon) 11:30 AM Presentation 3 - Seeing Angkor - the Role of Remote Sensing (Roland Fletcher, University of Sydney) 12:15 PM Presentation 4 - What are our images telling us? Lessons learnt from the lungs (Andreas Fouras, Monash University)

1:00 PM Lunch Break

Session III (Chair: Roland Fletcher)
2:00 PM Presentation 5 - Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging (Mark Berman, CSIRO)
2:45 PM Presentation 6 - Imaging and Spectroscopy in Electron Microscopy (Vicki Keast, University of Newcastle)

3:30 PM Coffee Break

Session IV (Chair: Kyler Kuehn)
4:00 PM Presentation 7 - Aquatic Remote Sensing Applications (Janet Anstee, CSIRO)
4:45 PM Discussion of Day 1 Presentations

Thursday 18/9

Session V (Chair: Kyler Kuehn)
9:30 AM Presentation 8 - Using Remote Sensing for Human Rights Documentation (Eric Ashcroft, American Assocation for the Advancement of Science) * remote presentation
10:15 AM: Presentation 9 - Physical Metrology (Ian Littler, National Measurement Institute)

11:00 AM Coffee Break

Session VI (Chair: Andy Green)
11:30 AM: Presentation 10 - Source Finding for Radio Astronomy (Matthew Whiting, CSIRO)
12:15 PM Presentation 11 - Nondestructive 3D Exploration of Archaeological Artifacts (Samantha Jones, Macquarie University)
1:00 PM Lunch Break

Session VII (Chair: Nuria P.F. Lorente)
2:00 PM Presentation 12 - Remote Sensing in Antarctica (Michael Ashley, UNSW)
2:45 PM Presentation 13 - Image Science and Amazon Web Services (John Hildebrandt, Amazon Web Services)

3:30 PM Coffee Break

Session VIII (Chair: Andrew Hopkins) 4:00 PM Presentation 14 - Biomedical Imaging: Research & Clinical Applications (Graham Galloway, University of Queensland) 4:45 PM Closing Discussion