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The Southern Cross Astrophysics Conferences, which are  jointly supported by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS), are held annually around Australia with the aim of attracting international experts with wide ranging skills to discuss a particular astrophysical topic. The conference "Multiwavelength dissection of galaxies", which will be held in Coogee Beach, Sydney between 24 - 29 May 2015, will be the 8th of the Southern Cross Conference Series, and will focus on galaxy evolution, combining resolved optical/near-infrared integral field spectroscopy (IFS) data with other multiwavelength properties (from X-ray to radio) of nearby galaxies plus giving the view of what is known in our Milky Way. This Conference expects to bring together observations and the best available theoretical models to create a more complete picture of how galaxies, and in particular our Milky Way, formed and evolved.
UPDATE 19 May 2015: The final Conference Program, the Conference Booklet, and the lists of contributed talks and posters are available in the Conference Program webpage. Please check the details of how getting to the Conference Venue and the Social Events (Welcome Cruise Cocktail, Conference Dinner, Sydney Observatory) and hints of how to move around Sydney using public transport in the Venue and Accommodation webpage. This information has been also sent to all registered participants in the Final Announcement.
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