Growth of Massive Galaxies

Session Chair: Sarah Brough

9:00am           Warrick Couch – Welcome

9:05am           Invited: Mariska Kriek - Massive Galaxies out to z~2: Knowns and Unknowns

9:35am           Invited: Danilo Marchesini - The Progenitors of Today's Ultra-massive Galaxies Across Cosmic Time

10:05am        Invited: Chris Lidman - Observational constraints on the growth on brightest cluster galaxies over the last 10 billion years

10:35am        COFFEE

Session Chair: Paola Oliva-Altamirano

11:00am        Invited: Gabriella de Lucia - Formation and evolution of the most massive galaxies in hierarchical models

11:30am        Richard McDermid - Mapping Star Formation Histories of Early-Type Galaxies with the Atlas3D Survey

11:50am        John Stott - The KMOS Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey: The resolved Dynamics, Star-Formation and Chemical Properties of 1000 massive z~1 star forming galaxies

12:10pm        Pablo Perez-Gonzalez - Diving into the details of the SFH of z>1 dead massive galaxies

12:30pm        LUNCH

Session Chair: Amelie Saintonge

1:30pm          Sarah Wellons - The Formation and Evolution of Massive, Compact Galaxies in Illustris

 1:50pm         Lee Spitler (on behalf of Caroline Straatman) - Discovery of massive compact quiescent galaxies at z~4 with ZFOURGE

2:10pm          Sirio Belli - Deep Keck Spectroscopy of 1 < z < 2.5 Quiescent Galaxies: New Results on the Size Growth

2:45pm          Kate Whitaker - Structure across the Star Formation Sequence at 0.5<z<2.5

3pm                COFFEE

Session Chair: Chris Lidman

3:30pm          Yuanyuan Zhang - Bright Central Galaxies (BCGs) in Dark Energy Survey Science Verification Data: Stellar Mass Growth Since z=1.2

3:50pm          Rosalind Skelton - The merger fraction of Luminous Red Galaxies

4:10pm          Daniel Groenewald - The importance of mergers to the stellar mass build-up of Brightest Cluster Galaxies

4:30pm          Sukyoung Yi - Merger relics in galaxy clusters

4:45pm          Jaehyun Lee - The significance of galaxy mergers as a function of galaxy and halo mass


Dark Matter

Session Chair: Adam Muzzin

9:00am           Invited: Aaron Dutton - Lensing and dynamics of massive elliptical galaxies

9:30am           Invited: Risa Wechsler - The evolution of massive galaxies and their dark matter halos

10:00am        Andrew Newman - Dark Matter in Massive Ellipticals: Constraints from Lensing at the Galaxy, Group, and Cluster Scales

10:20am        COFFEE

Session Chair: Matthew Colless

10:50am        Adam Muzzin - A First Look at the Interior Structure of Massive High-Redshift Galaxies using Strong Gravitational Lensing

11:10am        Mike Hudson - Co-evolution of galaxies and their dark matter haloes from weak lensing

11:30am        Rachel Bezanson - Stellar Dynamics of Massive Galaxies Near and Far

 11:50am       Nick McConnell - Supermassive Black Holes in the MASSIVE Galaxy Survey

12:10pm        LUNCH

Angular Momentum

Session Chair:  Lisa Fogarty

1:10pm          Invited: Michele Cappellari - Angular momentum of massive galaxies

1:40pm          Invited: Paola Oliva-Altamirano - The accretion histories of Brightest Cluster Galaxies: Angular Momentum and Stellar Populations

2:10pm          Invited: Thorsten Naab (given by Davor Krajnovic) - The cosmological formation of massive galaxies

2:40pm          COFFEE

Session Chair: Louise Edwards

3:10pm          J. Trevor Mendel - Evolution of massive galaxies from the KMOS-Cluster and VIRIAL surveys

3:30pm          Davor Krajnovic - M3G: the MUSE most massive galaxies campaign

3:50pm          Lisa Fogarty - The Formation of Slow Rotating ETGs

4:10pm          Matthew Colless - The link between structure and kinematics in SAMI massive galaxies

4:30pm          Elisa Toloba - Angular momentum and kinematically decoupled cores in elliptical galaxies at all masses

4:45pm          Duncan Forbes - Probing the Halos of Massive Early-type Galaxies


Intra-Cluster Light

Session Chair: Chiara Tonini

9:00am           Invited: Louise Edwards - Clocking BCG formation: Close companions vs. Intracluster Light

9:30am           Invited: Emanuele Contini - Properties of the Intra-Cluster Light as predicted by a semi-analytic model of Galaxy Formation


10:00am        Invited: Kim-Vy Tran - Tracking Star Formation and AGN in Distant Galaxies

 10:30am        COFFEE

Session Chair: John Stott

11:00am        Invited: Amelie Saintonge - The role of gas in regulating star formation and AGN activity in massive galaxies

11:30am        Invited: Norbert Werner - The origin of cold gas in giant ellipticals and its role in fuelling AGN feedback

12:00pm        Invited: Chiara Tonini - Hierarchical galaxy assembly and its manifestations: dynamical state and star formation history

12:30pm        LUNCH

Free Afternoon

6pm                CONFERENCE DINNER


Session Chair: Kim-Vy Tran

9:00am          Sune Toft - Sub-mm galaxies as progenitors of compact quiescent galaxies

9:20am          Lee Spitler - The ZFOURGE survey: a remarkable diversity in the massive galaxy population at redshifts z = 3-4

9:40am          Fuyan Bian - Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at z~3 in Deep and Wide Field Surveys

10:00am        Tiantian Yuan - ISM properties of cluster members at z =2.1

10:20am        COFFEE

Session Chair: Amanda Bauer

10:50am        Guillermo Barro - High gas velocity dispersions in progenitors of massive, compact quiescent galaxies at z~2

11:10am        Glenn Kacprzak - Mass-Metallicity Relation of a Virgo Progenitor at z=2.1

11:30am        Chiaki Kobayashi - Massive galaxies in cosmological simulations with a new AGN model

11:50am        Scott Croom - Evolution of radio-mode feedback in the most massive galaxies

12:20pm        LUNCH

Session Chair: Trevor Mendel

1:20pm          James Allen - Resolving the effect of AGN on their host galaxies

1:40pm          Bernd Husemann - Are QSOs really quenching star formation in massive galaxies?

2:00pm          Edward Taylor - GAMA: Deconstructing Bimodality -- what do you mean, 'quenched'?

2:20pm          Kevin Schawinski - Star formation, quenching, black hole feedback and the fate of gas reservoirs

2:40pm          Michael Brown - Star formation in the most massive galaxies

3:00pm          COFFEE

Session Chair: Sarah Brough

3:30pm          Invited: Eric Bell - Future Directions

4:00pm          DISCUSSION

5:00pm          Conference close