Applying for Blanco

Call for Proposals for Australian use of the CTIO Blanco Telescope in Semester 2017B (1 August 2017 - 31 January 2018)

Proposal Deadline

Australian proposals for Blanco 4m time must be submitted electronically, via use of the AAO's Lens proposal submission system, to the Australian Time Allocation Committee (ATAC) by:

5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Friday 31 March 2017

Note that Daylight Saving time is in effect in all states except WA, QLD, and the Northern Territory until 2 April 2017. However the proposal deadline is always Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Available Time

In Semester 2017B there will be 5 nights available to the Australian community to apply for. The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has been granted 100 nights, and the DECals survey an additional 15-20 nights during 2017B. Between them, these surveys will use all of the dark and grey time in the months of September through mid-December, along with the dark and grey second-half nights in August and first-half nights from mid December through January. As a result about 45 nights remain available to the NOAO and AAO community, but these are confined to: (a) first half nights in August of all lunar phases; (b) full nights within +/-3 nights of full moon in September October and November; and (c) second half nights of all lunar phases in December and January.

Generally a uniform distribution of lunations will be available to the Australian community. This uniform distribution is particularly important in B semesters (especially Sept-Nov) due to existing DES commitments. Note, DECam has been demonstrated to produce useful imaging in the reddest filters (izY) on all but the very brightest nights.

All scheduled observations will be carried out in classical mode with observers required to travel to the telescope. The International Telescopes Support Office (ITSO) at the AAO has secured funding via Astronomy Australia Ltd to reimburse the costs of Australian DECam PI observer travel to Chile, on a similar basis to the way Australian Magellan observers are funded.


Instruments available

The DECam imager, the TripleSpec4 ARCoIRIS IR spectrograph and the COSMOS spectrograph are all available for Australian proposals. COSMOS is available in an imaging, longslit and multi-object spectroscopy modes.

Please review Current CTIO Instrumentation Status for more information.