Applying for Blanco

Proposals for Australian Blanco time in Semester 2018A have now CLOSED. We will begin accepting proposals for Semester 2018B from early-March 2018.



Available Time

In Semester 2018A there will be 5 nights available to the Australian community to apply for. A three week shutdown for recoating of the Blanco primary mirror has been tentatively scheduled for April 2018. The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has been granted the first halves of Feb 2-11 inclusive, and the DECals survey has been granted 22 dark/grey nights distributed throughout the semester. The rest of the semester should have few restrictions with approximately 60 nights available for allocation by the NOAO and Australian TACs.

Generally a uniform distribution of lunations will be available to the Australian community. This uniform distribution is particularly important in B semesters (especially Sept-Nov) due to existing DES commitments. Note, DECam has been demonstrated to produce useful imaging in the reddest filters (izY) on all but the very brightest nights.

All scheduled observations will be carried out in classical mode with observers required to travel to the telescope. Note that due to limited funding in 2017/18, it may not be possible for ITSO to reimburse any or all costs for Magellan observer travel in 2018A.


Instruments available

The DECam imager and the COSMOS spectrograph are available for Australian proposals. COSMOS is available in an imaging, longslit and multi-object spectroscopy modes. The Astronomy Research with the Cornell InfraRed Imaging Spectrograph (ARCoIRIS) instrument will be relocated to SOAR during the 2018 calendar year. Depending on demand, ARCoIRIS may be scheduled on Blanco early in 2018A before being taken out of service to carry out opto-mechanical modifications inside the dewar. Please review the Current CTIO Instrumentation Status for more information.