Gemini Overview

The Gemini Observatory consists of twin 8.1-meter diameter optical/infrared telescopes located on two of the best observing sites on the planet. From their locations on mountains in Hawai‘i and Chile, Gemini Observatory’s telescopes can collectively access the entire sky. Gemini was built and is operated by a partnership of six countries including the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

Observing time on Gemini is allocated in proportion to each partner's financial share in the partnership. Each partner country operates its own National Gemini Office (NGO), which is responsible for issuing the twice-yearly Call for Proposals; providing Phase 1 (proposal) and Phase 2 (pre- and post-observing) support to their user communities; and engaging in public outreach activities.

Australia's 6.2% share in Gemini is due to end in 2017. In 2016 Australia is a limited-term partner, with just 7 classical nights in total to allocate on Gemini North and South.