Applying for Gemini

The final Call for Gemini proposals in which Australia could participate as a limited-term partner closed in March 2017. Australian-based astronomers who require access to instrumentation on the Gemini telescopes now have two options:

  • Requests for Gemini Director's Discretionary Time can be submitted at any time by astronomers from any country, including those outside the Gemini partnership. In general such proposals should be for high-impact, quick turnaround science, though requests for small amounts of observing time to test the feasibility of a technique or program, or to respond to an unexpected astronomical event are also welcome.
  • The US National Optical Astronomy Observatory has an "open skies" policy for all the telescopes it provides access to (including Gemini) in its Call for Proposals, meaning that astronomers from anywhere in the world are free to propose for time on an equal basis. It would be to your advantage however to explain in your proposal why the particular Gemini capability you require is not available to you through regular channels.

Should you have any questions or need advice about how best to get access to the Gemini instrument you require, please contact us.

Requests for observing time on Gemini can now only be submitted as Director's Discretionary Time, or via the NOAO proposal process. Please see the "Call for Proposals" tab for further information.