International Telescopes Support Office

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What is ITSO and what do we do?

The International Telescopes Support Office (ITSO) hosted by the Australian Astronomical Observatory coordinates Australian usage of large offshore facilities including the Gemini 8.1 metre telescopes in Hawaii and Chile (through 2017); the W. M. Keck Observatory twin 10 metre telescopes in Hawaii (through 2017); the Subaru 8.2 metre telescope in Hawaii (through 2018); the Magellan twin 6.5 metre telescopes in Chile (through 2018); and the Blanco 4 metre telescope in Chile. Australian astronomers also have access to the optical facilities of the La Silla Paranal Observatory, through a Strategic Partnership with the European Southern Observatory (ESO). ITSO is staffed by the Head of International Telescopes Support Stuart Ryder and the joint ITSO/Macquarie University Lecturer in Astronomy Devika Kamath.

Telescopes Available to Australian Astronomers

To see descriptions of all telescopes available to Australian astronomers click the image.