Applying for Magellan

Submitting a Proposal

The International Telescopes Support Office uses the AAO's Lens proposal submission system for Magellan proposals, similar to the AAT proposal submission system. Proposal preparation uses a web-based form to complete the cover sheet, followed by uploading of a separate science case and a target list as PDF files.

Lens is an account-based system with user registration. All investigators on an ATAC proposal for the AAT, CTIO, or Magellan must be registered with the system. Users who have applied for AAT, CTIO, or Magellan time as PI since Semester 2013A have had accounts pre-configured, and should already have their login details. Please ask any collaborators not currently shown in Lens to register well in advance of the proposal deadline. Note that while Lens has been rigourously tested, it is possible that you may find a bug or problem that we haven't seen before. Please report any bugs, after checking the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

The minimum run length that can be requested is half a night. One or more first- or second-half nights with any Magellan instrument may be requested, but scheduling will be dependent on identifying a suitable program from Australia or a Magellan partner which can use the remainder of each night. Alternatively one can request that their allocation be folded into a larger block of instrument team time (e.g. with PFS, M2FS, or MagAO) so as to optimise the time coverage required.