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Information about Support
The International Telescopes Support Office (ITSO) offers support pages for the Gemini, Magellan, Keck and Blanco telescopes as listed above. Each ITSO telescope support page includes an overview of the facility and Australia's engagement, instrument summaries, and proposal help. A quick 'Apply' button is included for each telescope which will take you directly to the respective time application sites. For more detailed information you are encouraged to also visit the web sites of the telescopes themselves: the Gemini Telescope, Keck Telescope, Magellan Telescope, and the Blanco Telescope homepages. At any time if you want to go directly to an instrument page, use the "Jump to Instrument Pages" tool on this page which will send you directly to the instrument homepage in question.
ITSO staff are available at any time to provide advice on which telescope/instrument combination may be best suited to your science - please see the ITSO contact page. ITSO also provides travel reimbursements to Australian-based Principal Investigators who are awarded time by ATAC on Gemini, Magellan, or Blanco, or KTAC time on Keck. Please see the Travel section for the respective telescope for full details.