2014 Gemini Student Contest: NGC77272014 image: NGC7727, winner: Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School Astronomy Club, Samuel Carbone (Trinity College)
2013 Amateur Gemini Contest: IC53322013 winning image IC5332. Image proposed by contest winner, Isobelle Teljega, of St Margaret's Anglican School.
2012 Gemini Contest: NGC72322012 image shows three spirals in Lyon Group #455: NGC 7232, 7232B, and 7233. Proposed by contest winner Ryan Soares of Trinity College.
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ITSO Outreach Summary

The International Telescopes Support Office has held several past outreach events with the Gemini Observatory involving Australian undergraduates, school students, amateur astronomers, and members of the public. See our outreach links for descriptions of the Gemini Summer Student experiences and the recent 2015 Australian Gemini Cosmic Poll. For a history of ITSO and the AAO's involvement in international telescopes see: History. For a more general AAO outreach description see the AAO public page at: Outreach.