Subaru Instruments

The facility instruments currently available on Subaru are:

  • AO 188, a 188 element natural or laser guide star adaptive optics system delivering diffraction-limited images in the near infrared to instruments including IRCS, SCExAO, and CHARIS.
  • COMICS, a mid-infrared camera and spectrograph covering wavelengths from 7.5-25 microns.
  • FOCAS provides optical imaging, longslit and multi-slit spectroscopy over a 6 arcmin field of view.
  • HDS, an optical high dispersion spectrograph with a resolution up to R=160,000.
  • HSC provides optical imaging over a 1.5 degree diameter field of view.
  • IRCS, a near-infrared (0.9-5.6 microns) camera with coronagraphic and polarimetric, as well as longslit spectroscopy with resolution up to R=20,000. IRCS is normally used in conjunction with natural or laser guide star adaptive optics fed by AO188.
  • MOIRCS provides imaging and low-resolution longslit or multi-object spectroscopy from 0.9-2.5 microns over a 4 x 7 arcmin field of view.

In addition some visitor instruments are available by collaboration with the instrument PI:

  • SCExAO delivers high contrast images of the innermost surroundings of bright sources.
  • CHARIS provides near-infrared coronagraphic imaging and low-resolution spectroscopy of exoplanets, disks, brown dwarfs with SCExAO+AO188.
  • VAMPIRES enables diffraction-limited imaging in the visible with polarimetric capabilities.
  • IRD is an infrared high-dispersion fiber-fed spectrometer which covers the wavelength range from 0.97 to 1.75 microns with a maximum 70,000 spectral resolution. The instrument has a fiber injection module for star-light and laser frequency comb light injection into fibers on the Nasmith platform after wavefront correction by the adaptive system, AO188.

 Further information on Subaru instruments can be found on the Subaru Instrumentation page.