Subaru Observer Travel

AAL will be providing funds sufficient to cover observer travel funding to Australian Subaru users in 2018B.


The following policies apply to the reimbursement of observer travel expenses:

  1. The observer must be affiliated with an Australian university or research organisation at the time of application.
  2. The AAO will pay the costs for one qualified observer per scheduled program. Observers who wish to bring a student along with them for the experience are welcome to do so, but in that case the AAO will not pay for any costs incurred by the student.
  3. The AAO will nominally reimburse the cost of lowest available economy-class airfares from the observer's home city in Australia to Hilo; hotel expenses in Sydney, Honolulu, or Hilo; meals and incidentals; transport to/from airports in Australia and Hawaii; room, board, and transport costs in Hilo and on Mauna Kea; and reasonable expenses associated with this travel (e.g. US visa waiver fee, etc.). As available funding to support all observer travel in 2018 is very limited, reimbursement may need to be limited to airfares only.
  4. To be eligible for reimbursement, the observer must provide fare quotes for approval by the International Telescopes Support Office (itso -@- prior to purchasing their tickets. The AAO reserves the right not to reimburse the full cost of items it considers unreasonable, or not associated with observing travel.
  5. The AAO will reimburse the observer's institution on receipt of an invoice addressed to the International Telescopes Support Office, together with copies of receipts for all costs being claimed. The GST component of costs incurred within Australia may be claimed (no GST is payable on costs incurred in the USA, or on international airfares); however an institution may not claim an additional 10% GST component on top of the total GST-inclusive costs.