Colloquium Details

Danica Draskovic (Macquarie University)

"Newly Discovered Planetary Nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud"

Planetary nebulae (PNe) represent an important but brief (~ 20 000 year), late stage of stellar evolution experienced by most low- and intermediate-mass stars. They play a crucial role in understanding various aspects of late stellar evolution, such as mass-loss and the subsequent interstellar enrichment by the products of nucleosynthesis like oxygen, nitrogen and dust. Their ionised gas shells exhibit numerous, strong emission lines that are excellent laboratories for understanding plasma physics. PNe are visible to great distances due to these strong lines that permit determination of nebula size, age and expansion velocity. Determining PNe radial velocities also allows us to trace kinematic properties of their host galaxies. I will present ten new PNe discovered in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) from deep UK Schmidt telescope narrow-band H-alpha and broad-band short-red 'SR" images and confirmed spectroscopically. I will also review archived information and available imagery for previous SMC PN detections and various other types of emission objects in this galaxy.

Held at 11:00AM on Thursday 15th December, 2016 in the Other