Colloquium Details

Chenguyan Li (Maquarie University)

"The origin of bifurcated blue straggler sequences in star clusters"

Formed as a result of collisions of two stars or through co-evolution of binary components, blue straggler stars behave like peculiar, high-mass main-sequence stars. They are located along the bright extension of the ‘main sequence’ in a star cluster’s observational Hertzsprung–Russell diagram. In very rare cases, particularly in old globular clusters, their distribution is bifurcated, a feature commonly cited as evidence of stellar collisions as an efficient formation mechanism. In this talk, I will review the detection of bifurcated blue straggler distributions in different star clusters, and how the bifurcated distribution pattern may link to the clusters’ evolution, including binary hardening, merger, and cluster core collapse.

Held at 11:00AM on Thursday 28th September, 2017 in the AAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2)