Colloquium Details

Dr Ignacio Ferreras (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL)

"A view of galaxy formation at low (spectral) resolution"

Medium band imaging can be considered a compromise between photometric and spectroscopic surveys, overcoming the technical issues dealing with the guiding of light from the focal plane into the spectrograph, and the associated problem of selection bias, as well as gaining spectral information with respect to photometry with standard (broad-band) filters. With dedicated sets of contiguous medium band filters (corresponding to an individual FWHM between 300 and 150 A), it is possible to observe samples of faint sources at low spectral resolution (R~25-50) to tackle a wide range of questions in cosmology and galaxy formation/evolution studies. In this talk I will present a few recent results obtained from some of the present campaigns using medium-band data, focusing on two major topics: the evolution of massive galaxies and the dust attenuation law in star-forming galaxies at intermediate redshift.

Held at 11:00AM on Thursday 22nd February, 2018 in the AAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2)