List of participants

No. Name Affiliation
1 Geoff Sims UNSW
2 Catherine de Burgh-Day The University of Melbourne
3 Daniela Opitz University of New South Wales
4 Gregory Goldstein Macquarie University
5 Giulia Savorgnan Swinburne University
6 Daniel Neri-Larios The University of Melbourne
7 Ashkbiz Danehkar Macquarie University
8 Paola Oliva-Altamirno AAO/Swinburne University
9 Simon J Murphy University of Sydney
10 Sarah Martell AAO
11 Craig Burnett University of Melbourne
12 Julia Bryant Sydney Uni
13 Danica Draskovic PhD Student in Physics and Astronomy
14 Clare Kenyon University of Melbourne
15 Tony Farrell AAO
16 Vanessa Moss University of Sydney/CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
17 Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer UNSW
18 Minh Vuong AAO
19 Alexey Latyshev Sydney Institute for Astronomy
20 Kim Bott UNSW
21 Carolyn Doherty Monash Centre for Astrophysics , Monash University
22 Emma Lindley University of Sydney
23 Beau Bellamy The University of Sydney
24 Suk Yee Yong The University of Melbourne
25 Mark Durre CAS Swinburne
26 Bililign Dullo Swinburne University
27 Brint Gardner Macquarie University
28 Emma Hogan Gemini Observatory
29 Sinem Ozbilgen University of Melbourne
30 Michael Goodwin Australian Astronomical Observatory
31 Colin Navin Macquarie University
32 Shane Vickers Macquarie University
33 Michael Cowley Macquarie University
34 Tui Britton Macquarie University
35 Christina Baldwin Macquarie University
36 Carlos Bacigalupo Macquarie University
37 Elaina Hyde Macquarie University
38 Stephanie Bernard University of Melbourne
39 Paolo Bonfini Swinburne University of Supercomputing
40 Adam Schaefer University of Sydney
41 Rebecca McElroy University of Sydney
42 Vincent Dumont University of New South Wales, School of Physics
43 Francois Rigaut ANU
44 Daniel Cotton UNSW
45 Bonnie Zhang ANU
46 Tho Do Duy University of New South Wales at Canberra
47 Sabine Bellstedt University of Wollongong
48 Matthew Jones University of Wollongong
49 Nuria Lorente AAO
50 Travis Stenborg Macquaire University
51 Ly Duong


52 Joao Bento

Macquarie University

53 Sanjib Sharma

University of Sydney