Distinguished Visitors

  • Dr Rubina Kotak, (Queen's University Belfast).
    Dr Kotak (hosted by Stuart Ryder) will be working with AAO staff on understanding the physics of supernovae, in particular those that interact with their circumstellar material before exploding.
  • Professor Daniela Calzetti, (University of Massachusetts).
    Prof. Calzetti (hosted by Andrew Hopkins) will be working with AAO staff on the star formation history of galaxies and star formation laws in galaxies, using data from the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey and the SAMI Galaxy Survey.
  • Professor Simona Mei and Professor James Bartlett, (University of Paris D. Diderot).
    Professors Mei and Bartlett (hosted by Chris Lidman) will be working with AAO staff to study high redshift galaxy clusters (z>1.5) using data from the South Pole Telescope Spitzer Deep Survey, and the XMM XXL survey.