UCLES is a cross-dispersed echelle spectrograph located at the coude focus offering high resolution and good wavelength coverage. From its original design UCLES recieves light from the telescope via a 5 mirror coude train, which is the default UCLES light path.

In 2011 the cassegrain fibre feed, CYCLOPS was commissioning as an optional light feed for UCLES. It provides better throughput, while also reformatting an approximately 3 arcsec diameter aperture on the sky into an 14 x 0.6 arcsec pseudo-slit at the entrance of the UCLES spectrograph. It is known that for a wavelength configuration centred on 5000-6000A that CYCLOPS delivers 30% more photons at 50% higher resolution than the equivalent 31 l/mm set-up with a 1 arcsec slit. There is also a fibre for simultaneous wavelength calibration.

For questions regading UCLES please contact the Instrument Scientist, Duncan Wright (duncan.wright@aao.gov.au)