Australian Time Allocation Committee

Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC) is the committee formed to allocate time on the AAT as well as Australian time on Gemini and Magellan telescopes. The current membership of this committee is: 

Member Institution From To
Dr Richard McDermid (Chair) AAO/MQ January 2016 December 2018
Prof Rachel Webster Melbourne July 2014 June 2017
Dr Stephen Marsden USQ January 2015 December 2017
Dr Steve Maddox Cardiff January 2015 December 2017
Dr David Yong ANU RSAA July 2015 June 2018
Dr Michele Trenti Melbourne January 2016 December 2018
Dr Andrew Cole Tasmania July 2016 June 2019

ATAC Membership

There are seven members on ATAC, with at least one international member. In addition, a substitute member will also be appointed, to take the place of an ATAC member who is unavailable for a meeting of the committee.

Appointment to ATAC will usually be for a 3-year term, although the appointments may be for staggered terms to ensure a steady turnover in membership.

Nominations to the committee will be periodically solicited by the AAO Director via an open call to the community.  The AAO Director and the AAO Advisory Committee will review the nominations, when making recommendations to the Departmental Secretary, to ensure suitable representation on ATAC, encompassing a broad spread of specialisations and seniorities.  The Departmental Secretary delegates the appointment of a Chair, Deputy Chair and membership to the AAOAC.

An AAO staff member may be appointed to ATAC, although (as for other institutions) normally no more than one AAO representative would be on the committee at a time.


Dr Lee Spitler AAT Technical Secretary
Dr Stuart Ryder Gemini & Magellan Technical Secretary
Ms Helen Woods Secretary

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in North Ryde 4 and 5 May 2017.

ATAC Policies

The ATAC Guidelines are available to download via this link.

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