OPTICON Trans-National Access Program at the AAO

The AAO participates in the OPTICON Transnational Access Program providing travel-related funding to AAT users from EU Member (and Associated) countries. Under the current OPTICON Horizon 2020 agreement (2017-2020), AAO telescopes can carry up to 10 OPTICON nights per semester.

More information about OPTICON (including eligibility criteria) can be found on the website of the OPTICON office.

Separate OPTICON TAC proposal process

The OPTICON consortium operate a separate Time Allocation Committee, distinct from the AAT Time Allocation Committee, with an earlier submission deadline.

OPTICON-eligible programs should be submitted to the OPTICON TAC and not to the AAT TAC.

The AAT OPTICON nights are top-sliced from the available time but counted as part of the Other (non-Australian) fraction of AAT time (30% overall).

OPTICON-eligible programs that are unsuccessful in securing OPTICON time will automatically be ranked alongside other AAT programs for the remaining pool of AAT time. If they are awarded nights from this time, they will not be eligible for OPTICON financial support in this round. Proposals made to and approved via non-OPTICON mechanisms will NOT qualify for OPTICON travel grant support.