AAT Observer's Report Form

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The Australian Astronomical Observatory aims to provide excellent instrumentation and an high level of observing support and facilities to visiting astronomers. In order to help us maintain this high standard, we ask that you take a few minutes at the end of your observations with the AAT to fill in the report form below.

The report form refers to the Observatory's Client Service Charter. This short document sets out the performance goals of the AAO, and we ask for your judgement on how well these goals have been met.

The Observatory's policy on distributing the report forms is that they are automatically sent to the Director, Head of National Facilities Support, Operations Manager and IT Manager. They are then brought to the attention of appropriate managers by the Feedback Coordinator (Head of National Facilities Support). The Observatory will respond to any additional comments on the report form within three working days.

Users who wish to discuss any particular concerns in confidence are asked to contact the Director of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, Prof Warrick Couch, by sending e-mail to director@aao.gov.au

Thank you for completing the report form.

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